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Coming To 04:56
Waking in time, Slowly crossing the line Touching my face, How did I get to this place If sins were colors They’d all be gray Yet my ship in a cracked bottle Sails another day Coming to I feel the throbbing in my head Coming to I hear the sobbing from my bed Coming to I feel the weight in my legs Coming to Clouded voices in my head
You, can’t seem to come To, can’t feel what you’re going Through, you’re much too stuck, too Glued, face so blue I want it in waves The things that you crave The feelings that keep you sane Swollen lies Your tattered disguise The blood oozes out of you The sun hangs high Open your eyes Soak in the warmth of the truth Lust, it burns your face Fear, it ruins your taste But the façade’s coming down You’re looking around It’s all there for you to see Swollen lies Your tattered disguise The blood oozes out of you The sun hangs high Open your eyes Soak in the warmth of the truth Façade’s coming down It blankets the ground Show me what it means to be free
Caroline 05:43
Have I told you of sweet Caroline, Surely you must know the name Friends tell me she’s crazy, sayin’ “Boy, don’t play her game” Many men have seen her, They take a roll her in her hay Every week there’s a new one Who’s next? Who’s to say? With a bottle of milk she greets them, And then she’s on her way Caroline, don’t feed them Or they’ll be back another day She cracks a smile when I see her, Tells me everything’s ok But Caroline, I know you Know that I could ease your pain Caroline’s going south, Leaving me here to graze I’m bleating from the pain now, The fields of green are turning gray (Harmony) Caroline, where will you go? Caroline, why don’t you stay? Caroline, when will I find you? And will I know what to say? Or will my tongue fail me, As you cast me away? Caroline, don’t leave me, The streets don’t care much for strays Caroline, don’t leave me, Or it won’t be long till I decay
Your laugh cuts through my floor It wrecks me to the core To know you’re not there with me I pass you on the stairs Your scent fills up the air But you’re just a ghost to me How can you stay so close Yet so far (so far away) I need you to stay (I need you to stay) Please don’t leave me Please.
Every day I roam Walk to work alone Pick up the phone, and I say nothing I lie through my teeth, say I’m just fine, staining my teeth on wine Hoping I’ll find my head somewhere down the line But now I’m due My time is through The doctor says I’m good, My body’s workin’ just as it should But deep inside these bones, I’ve locked up my grief so it won’t show But now I’m due My time is through
Mirage 04:54
You peel off your face Your empty shell of disgrace And for the first time I can look you in the eyes The façade is gone Or so it seems The lights are on Or so they gleam Yet underneath the skin Behind your shiny grin A new mask takes its place To blanket your face Façade is coming down Façade is going up I see now who you are I see one of many stars Reaching out to touch your face But you were never there Trying hard to meet your gaze To find an empty stare I’m coming to The world spinning round my head I’m coming to The blood pooling in my bed I’m coming to The flies nipping at my legs I’m coming to The guts spilling from my chest I’m coming to I’m coming to


Concept progressive rock album by Jeremy Wade and Aj Girard


released October 18, 2018


Molly Bogin - Vocals
Camille Enderlin - Violin
Matthew Forker - Guitar Solo on "Failed Words Pt. 1"
Jeremy Freeman - Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Mandolin
AJ Girard - Drums, Electronics
Luisa Lubambo - Piano/Synths
Adam Manson - Electric Guitars on "Caroline" and "The Breaking of the Dam"
Kristin Raveneau - Viola
Lucas Saur - Cello
Jennifer Shaw - Cello
Kenny Wang - Viola
Peilin Wu - Violin

Produced by Wayne Silver & Matthew Forker
Recorded by Wayne Silver, Matthew Forker & Ryan Guarino
Mixed and mastered by Wayne Silver at The Ice Plant
Album artwork by Lily Landau

Speakers on "Failed Words Pt. 1":

Max Cembalest
Adam DeSantes
Noah Dirks
Jeremy Freeman
Matthew Forker
Aj Girard
Kelsey Gordon
Simone Harrison
Lily Landau
Dylan Levine
Adam Manson
Jack Maraghy
Will Moss
Angel Riddle
Eli Sands
Jack Shea
Becca Weinzimer


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Jeremy Wade & Aj Girard New York, New York

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